After I finished my higher degree electroncs study . I started designing medical equipment.

I develloped camera‚Äôs ,  monitors , diafragms and a broad range  of testequipment.

I have experience in the following fields of repair

  • Analog measurement equipment (bruel & kjaer, rohde & schwarz, hewlett packard etc)
  • Audio equipment, amplifiers, effect units
  • Musical instruments synthesizers, pianos

Main technical skills are: analog design, digital design, software and tube technology

Customers are studios, private collectioners and students.

Repair list

synthesizers test & measurement audio Roland sh2000 Yamaha dx 7 Philicorda Synton syrinx Siel orchestra Casio digital sax bruel & kjaer 1015 bruel & kjaer 1022 bruel & kjaer 1024 rohde & schwarz filters hitachi...