In Genesis in the bible, the story is told of God taking a rib from Adam and creating Eva out it. The woman frees Adam of his loneliness and gives him love and warmth. Many men of our time would love to create the woman of their dreams, but unfortunately they are not the almighty. ‘Build me a woman’ offers a chance. Visitors can help creating a woman reduced to her bare essence, and closely watch the process. The machine, the title of which was taken from a song by The Doors, was built by Paul van Twist as a homage to women.

In the beautiful golden frame one would expect a painting, but we see a dark room, scarcely lit by a small lamp, a kind of boudoir. A row of glass spheres is visible, symbolizing the female body, but two black plateaus show that the woman is unfinished: the ultimate sign of femininity, her breasts, are missing. By pushing a button we set this last phase of the building process in motion. A magic flute starts blowing bubbles, some of which land on one of the two plateaus and gradually grow lascivious shapes. The result is never the same and this symbolizes the whimsicality of women.